Grenades are throwable explosives that harm other players. All have a special purpose, and roll in the game. Some grenades have a long-lasting affect, such as the Gas grenade. All grenades are put on youre tool belt, next to you're secondary idem.

Grenade Edit

This is the first grenade you are allowed to use, it is a normal, pinneapple designed grenade. You can find these on youre tool belt, or in various places around a map. The blast is capable to kill a player in one throw.

Gas Grenade Edit

The gas grenade is (abboviously) a grenade, that when detonated, makes a ploom of gas that kills the player. the gas grenade is capable of killing a player in about five seconds.

Mine Edit

The mine is a throwable, that will stick to any surface. When a player gets near the mine, it detonateds, making an expolsion. This can be counter-acted by using a explosive to detonate the mine.

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