In Doodle army:mini milita, you can find many additions to the game. Some of these additions can ether be purchased, or can be added to your game by having a certain app. Most of these additions give you more avatars(or skins) to use. Some examples are the "pro pack".

Pro pack Edit

The "pro pack" is a pack that you can find by tapping on "upgrades" on the home screen. The addition costs $2.00. In total, the "pro pack" adds:

  1. Availability to have certain weapons.
  2. Availability to dual-wheid.
  3. Availability to customize your avatar.
  4. Availability to customize your name.

App additions Edit

There are several App additions that you can get to the game.

  • Crash cart- adds crash cart joe, and the space marine to your avatars.
  • Road rage- adds the zobiee and the truck diver to your avatars.
  • Others- currently being researched.
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