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The Doodle Army games, are interactive, challenging games. These games are mobile shooters that put you in multiplayer action!

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Originally created by Chad Towns and now managed by Appsomniacs[1] (as of March 17th 2015 consists of Chad Towns and Hunter Mayer). Chad has teamed up with friends to build out later iterations. Working with Josh Neff for Doodle Army 2 (iOS), and Craig Colburn for the Doodle Army HD (iOS) and the original Blackberry, and also contributed to the Android port along with Hunter Mayer (Hunter was also responsible for the Windows 8 port).

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Weapons(DA2) There are many weapons in doodle army:mini militia. These are the bread and butter of not just this game, but the whole series! Check out all the available weapons for mini militia here!

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